Why patent strategy MUST be rooted in economics

Just in case it has slipped your mind: Patent strategy must always be rooted in economics. I’d love to share Prof. Dr. Alexander J. Wurzer’s recent IP Management Nugget, which is a great reminder that a smart patenting approach requires...

Decentralized Finance Patents in Europe? (DeFi)

Can one patent DeFi in Europe? Well, you can’t patent the idea of providing financial services on public blockchains with smart contracts, because the fact that this enables financial transactions without a central regulatory entity is not a...

Are software patents more difficult after G1/19?

One question I get a lot lately is: “Now that we have G1/19, will it be more difficult to get software patents in Europe?” My answer: Probably yes, at least in the short term. Here’s why.

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Is the European Patent Office fit for AI/ML patents?

Clients ask me all the time why the EPO makes a distinction between innovations in core AI (non-technical) and applied AI (potentially patentable). So I made this video.

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Patents for Explainable AI (XAI) only?

If you wanted to patent the shape of a technical component generated by an AI system, what kind of justification would you need to give for that particular choice of geometry? Do you need to be able to explain why the AI system came to that...

Are software patents evil?

In this video I explain why a professional approach to patents leaves no room for dogmatic opinions. Link to an example techrights article that cites me.

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Does a software patent claim protect the hardware?

In this video I explain the different infringing acts for the different claim categories, and how to draft your claims to take advantage of each of them.

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Artificial intelligence patents at the EPO explained in 15 minutes

The European Patent Office (EPO) has a stable and structured approach to patenting computer-implemented inventions. But how do AI/ML inventions fit in? Find out in this recording of my talk at the National Association of Patent Practitioners (NAPP)...