Let’s upgrade your digital patents together

Here’s a collection of my paid advisory services. I may be able to craft a different package depending on your requirements, so it’s worth getting in touch if you can’t find the perfect fit here.

Patent Drafting Engagement

You know how to handle inventions in your industry domain, but this new IDF makes you scratch your head. The inventors talk about digital twins, deep neural networks, and how they do federated learning in the cloud. What if you had an industry-acclaimed specialist patent attorney by your side just for these types of “digital” IDFs?

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Patent Claim Review

Your draft claims are stuck. You’ve read all the EPO Guidelines, but you just can’t figure out how to frame the invention as “technical” for the EPO. Let me review your claims and provide specific suggested edits. We can even work together 1-on-1 to find the perfect claim wording.

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Patent Scale-Up Program

A modular program that takes a startup from zero to “patent pending” and grows its IP position along the business roadmap while delaying the costly decisions.

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Patent Litigation

I get involved in litigation cases mostly through recommendation by other law firms. My involvement may cover anything from pre-litigation forensics, infringement discovery and infringement mapping, and support in the infringement and validity proceedings. I can set up a strong team depending on the scope of the case.

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I speak ~10-15 times per year. If it has to do with patents for software, algorithms, computer science, digital business models, and generally everything the EPO considers hardly technical, there is a good chance I can come up with a very compelling topic for your event.

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Custom Engagement

None of the above seems exactly right? Then let’s jump on a call to discuss your specific requirements. Email me at bastian@bestpatent.eu or book a virtual coffee right into my calendar: