Do you want better digital patents?

Hi, I'm Bastian Best, a European patent attorney on a mission to help IP professionals upgrade their digital patents.

I do this by sharing all my digital patent knowledge in videos, a podcast and in talks and seminars, as well as by providing top-notch patent attorney services for creating digital patent portfolios and for winning high-stakes contentious cases.


Working with Bastian Best and BESTPATENT was an excellent experience. His and his colleagues' council was extremely valuable to me in building a valuable IP portfolio at our company. I did and do value his strategic advice and insights very highly - in particular, because Basti was keen and able to dive into the details of our business in order to help us implement the IP strategy that really suited our needs. Our business and technology advanced very rapidly and Basti and his team were able to keep up with our fast pace, advising on and helping draft applications just as rapidly. Basti is honest and transparent in his work and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him as a patent lawyer to anyone searching for quick and effective assistance in that area.

Malcolm Yadack, COO at AMERIA AG

Anyone who applies for a patent puts their trust and their future in the hands of the IP professional they work with. From this perspective, the decision to go with Bastian was easy for us. In fact, he is the best IP professional I have ever worked with. Bastian is deeply knowledgeable, highly intelligent and always considerate. He knows patent law and the system on every level, and works tirelessly on behalf of his clients. Yet, it is his integrity that led us to work with him. I could not think of a better person to trust with the future of our company.

Chris Hanebeck, CEO at Truckl

I chose Bastian as Soul Machines' EU patent representative because I know the EU has a notoriously high bar for accepting software-related inventions and wanted an expert in this space. Bastian did not disappoint: he knows the field inside and out and keeps up-to-date with the latest developments in computer implemented inventions, artificial intelligence, and digital business models.

Antonia Modkova, Director of IP and Innovation at Soul Machines Limited


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I’ve always been a computer nerd and a hobby programmer, studied computer science, worked in the automotive industry. Realized that I’m fascinated by technology but less of a tinkerer myself. Became a patent attorney. Quickly became a salary partner in one of the most successful IP firms in Europe. Realized that my personality type manifests itself better when I run a firm on my own terms. Learn more →