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Bastian Best

Hi đź‘‹, I’m Bastian Best.
help IP professionals upgrade their digital patents.

I’ve always been a computer nerd and a hobby programmer. 

Studied computer science.

Worked in the automotive industry but realized that I’m less of a tinkerer myself.

Became a patent attorney.

Quickly became a salary partner in one of the most successful IP firms in Europe.

Settled in my own patent law firm to focus exclusively on patents for the digital future.

How can I help you?

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I’ve compiled a handy checklist for you to figure out if your outside counsel’s software patent draft is any good.

How can I help you?

I’ve been working with nothing else than digital patents throughout my career. If your case involves an algorithm or a digital business model, chances are I’ve seen similar cases and have an idea how to hook into the EPO’s framework for computer-implemented inventions.

Join the 591 subscribers on my mailing list. You’ll get instant access to my secret downloads with tons of presentation slides and checklists for better digital patents.

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The 3 Stages of AI-Assisted Patent Drafting

tl;dr— AI-assisted patent drafting isn’t about replacing human intellect with machines; it’s about augmenting our capabilities as legal professionals, freeing us to focus more on the complex and creative aspects of patent law. AI tools...

Ai Pin: What Humane’s Patent Filings Tell

Many tech reviews have been done about Humane’s Ai Pin which sets out to be “an opportunity for people to take AI with them everywhere and to unlock a new era of personal mobile computing which is seamless, screenless and sensing“...

The AI-powered patent attorney

Very soon, the patent attorney profession will be disrupted by conversational language models. Any doubts? Then please listen to this interview with DeepMind co-founder Mustafa Suleyman. It’s a fascinating first-hand perspective on the journey from...

Where AI inventions happen

In this week’s live Q&A on LinkedIn, the question came up when, where and how patentable AI innovations actually happen today. In this article, I’ll try to unpack the notion of AI patents from different angles, showcasing the immense...

Software patents in Europe (presentation slides)

It’s all about the technical contribution, but what exactly is “technical” at the European Patent Office? Is it “technical” when engineers solve hard industrial problems with AI? These and other questions were the topic...

Patents in the Metaverse

This episode is a recording of a presentation I was giving on 29 March 2023 on patents in the Metaverse at the 7th WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property and the Metaverse. The WIPO Conversations are a forum to facilitate discussion about the...

Patenting the Metaverse

The Metaverse as a borderless virtual world encompassing work, play, entertainment, and more, is the next evolution of the Internet as we know it. It’s a real opportunity to drive economic growth and bring its benefits to everyone, everywhere. With...

Blockchain, web3 & IP: what the heck?

I learned so much about IP in the Metaverse and Web3 on a panel discussion in Paris the other day, thanks to my awesome co-panelists. We covered the different facets of IP in the digital space, looked into some innovative blockchain users like...

I’m giving away my presentation slides

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? I’ve you’ve missed one of my conference talks or seminars, you can now download most of my slide decks on the “downloads” page. I just uploaded 14 slide decks from 2022 and 2021. Hope you...