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Where AI inventions happen

In this week’s live Q&A on LinkedIn, the question came up when, where and how patentable AI innovations actually happen today. In this article, I’ll try to unpack the notion of AI patents from different angles, showcasing the immense impact of AI on the invention landscape today. By the way, if you’ve missed the live Q&A on LinkedIn, I’ve put the recording on my...

How to draft the claims in an algorithm patent (2022)

Free download (If you came just for the free download, scroll down to the bottom) Getting the claims right is critical in any patent, not just digital software patents. Because the scope of protection is not defined in the specification or the drawings, but in the claims. I’ve seen numerous patents which were found not infringed in litigation only because of a completely unnecessary claim...

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Here’s a collection of my paid advisory services. I may be able to craft a different package depending on your requirements, so it’s worth getting in touch if you can’t find the perfect fit here. Flagship services: Patent Drafting Engagement Patent litigation Individual modules: Office action replies and prosecution IDF Creation Workshop Claim Review Basti is honest and transparent in his work...