Bastian Best

Let’s Upgrade Your Digital Patents

Three Ways I Can Help…

1/ Free Content

I post tons of free content about digital patents, software patents, patents for AI and AI for patent attorneys on my LinkedIn and my YouTube. German startup founders can learn the patent basics on my Instagram.

2/ Advisory Services

For industry IP professionals: The new IDF makes you scratch your head. The inventors talk about digital twins and neural networks. What if you had an industry-acclaimed specialist patent attorney by your side just for these “digital” IDFs? I’m here to help!

For startup founders: You’ve heard that a strong IP position helps attract funding, but you don’t know where to start. Imagine you had an expert by your side who knows how patents must be written to improve a startup’s valuation. Let’s talk!

For external IP counsel: The EPO has issued a search report with heavy pushback. The examiner says the invention is just a non-technical business idea implemented on a standard computer. That’s when I’m in my genius zone. Get a second opinion!

3/ Speaking

I speak about 10-15 times per year. If it has to do with patents for software, algorithms, computer science, digital business models, and generally everything the EPO considers hardly technical, there is a good chance I can come up with a very compelling topic for your event. Book me!

Bastian Best

I’m Bastian Best, a European Patent Attorney who helps digital innovators upgrade their patents.

I’ve always been a computer nerd and a hobby programmer. Studied computer science. Worked in the automotive industry but realized that I’m less of a tinkerer myself. Became a patent attorney. Quickly became a salary partner in one of the most successful IP firms in Europe. Founded my own patent law firm BESTPATENT to focus exclusively on patents for the digital future.

Some bullet points if you need to pitch me to decision makers:

  • European and German Patent Attorney and UPC Representative with a computer science master’s degree (Dipl.-Inf.)
  • 15+ years of experience in drafting, prosecuting and litigating software patents
  • Lecturer for digital patents at ETH Zurich and regular speaker at EPO and WIPO conferences
  • Co-chair of the Software Patents committee of I3PM
  • One of “50 Leading Tech Voices” and an “AI Patent Expert” (European Patent Office)
  • Europe’s Leading Patent Law Firms 2022-24 (Financial Times)

How Can I Help You?

Let’s chat over virtual coffee and explore opportunities to collaborate. Book an appointment now: