Experiment, Find Your Niche, and Market Yourself

“What advice would you give young lawyers and entrepreneurs?”, Priggya Arora asked me on her podcast. And now I’m feeling very old 🙂

It was a wonderful conversation with Priggya on The Priggya Arora show the other day. We covered topics like:

  • How I got interested in technology and software before deciding to become a patent attorney
  • How being in the patent field keeps things interesting
  • The challenges I’m facing when prosecuting a patent application
  • How I deal with the patentability expectations of clients
  • How I started my social media journey and why
  • How I decide on what content to put in my media
  • What advice I would give young lawyers and entrepreneurs in the field today

Watch the video version on YouTube, or listen to the episode on Spotify or your favorite podcast catcher.

Hope you can extract much value from the podcast!

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