I speak ~10-15 times per year. Find out below if I’m a good fit for your event, or go straight to the inquiry form. Speaker bio and photo are here.

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Bruno Götz, Head of Patent Center Bavaria, Bayern Innovativ

Topics— I’ve spoken on various facets of digital patents. If it has to do with patents in the fields of software, algorithms, computer science, digital business models, and generally everything the EPO considers hardly technical, there is a good chance I can come up with a very compelling topic for your event.

Formats— I can speak in German (my native language) and English. Event formats include public IP conferences, online webinars, academic lectures and closed in-house seminars. Stage time varies from 30-minute talks to full multi-day seminars. I do online events all the time, but prefer in-person if possible, so I can fully engage with the audience and dynamically adapt to their needs.

Style— The overarching topic is always digital patents, but I never hold the same presentation twice. I can build intense event agendas out of a proven toolbox of deep foundational teachings, tons of insightful real examples and actionable practical lessons. My goal is to help my audience understand the broader picture and give them something they can immediately put into practice.


Softwarepatente in Europa – wie das EPA prüft— Conference talk, Bayern Innovativ, Online, 11 May 2023

Patenting AI-related inventions – a practitioner’s perspective— Panel discussion, AI-related technologies: regulation, inventorship and patenting conference, EPO, 2 May 2023

Patenting platforms, AI and software in the Metaverse— Panel discussion, Seventh Session of the WIPO Conversation – Intellectual Property and the Metaverse, WIPO, Online, 29 March 2023 (reprint of my speaking notes, audio recording)

Blockchain/Web3 & IP— Panel discussion, LES France, Paris (FR), 17 January 2023

Softwarepatente in Europa – wie das EPA prüft— Conference talk, Patentierung von Software und Geschäftsmodellen, Munich (DE), 10 November 2022

Patenting Digital Innovations— University lecture for the computer science master and doctorate at ETH Zurich, Zurich (CH), 6-7 October 2022

Computer-implementierte Erfindungen richtig offenbaren und beanspruchen Seminar talk, VPP Bezirksgruppe Nord-Ost, Online, 21 June 2022 

Understanding patents for digital technologies Conference talk, PDG Annual Conference 2022, Online, 9 June 2022

Intro to AI patents Conference talk, ASTP Annual Conference 2022, Lisbon (PT), 20 May 2022

Harmonising practices in CII applications— Panel discussion, Examination Matters 2021, Online, 6-10 December 2021

Softwarepatente in Europa – wie das EPA prüft— Conference talk, VPP Herbstfachtagung 2021, Bonn (DE), 29 October 2021

Patentierbarkeit von CII- und KI-Erfindungen in Europa— Conference talk, Herbstseminar Grenzen der Patentierbarkeit, Verband der freiberuflichen Europäischen und Schweizer Patentanwälte (VESPA), Baden (CH), 24 September 2021

Artificial intelligence and IP— Webinar, Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office (epi), Online, 15 September 2021

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Bastian Best is a European Patent Attorney who helps IP professionals upgrade their digital patents. He runs BESTPATENT, a hyper-niche patent law firm with an exclusive focus on patents for digital innovations. His special interest is in the foundational technologies of the digital future: artificial intelligence and machine learning, big data, blockchain, web3 and the Internet of Things. Bastian is a regular speaker at IP conferences around the world and shares his knowledge on LinkedIn and YouTube. He teaches digital patenting at ETH Zurich and CEIPI IP Business Academy. The European Patent Office named him one of “50 Leading Tech Voices” and an “AI Patent Expert”.

Bastian Best ist deutscher und europäischer Patentanwalt und verhilft IP-Professionals zu besseren Digitalpatenten. Seine Patentanwaltskanzlei BESTPATENT hat einen ausschließlichen Nischenfokus auf Patente für digitale Innovationen. Sein besonderes Interesse gilt den Megatrends der digitalen Zukunft: künstliche Intelligenz und Machine Learning, Big Data, Blockchain, Web3 und Internet of Things. Bastian Best referiert weltweit über Patente für Zukunftstechnologien und teilt sein Wissen auf LinkedIn und YouTube. Es ist Dozent für Digitalpatente an der ETH Zürich und der CEIPI IP Business Academy. Das Europäische Patentamt bezeichnet ihn als einen von “50 Leading Tech Voices” und einen “AI Patent Expert”.

Bastian Best’s speaker photo