Patent Scale-Up

A modular program that takes your company from zero to “patent pending” and grows your IP position in sync with the business roadmap.

Attract Funding · Scare Your Competitors · Increase Your Valuation

Are you stuck in the founder’s dilemma?

  • You need to pitch to investors but are afraid to give away your IP for free
  • You know that “patent pending” will help attract funding but don’t know where to start
  • You’re stuck: No funding, no patent. No patent, no funding

Imagine making real business impact with your IP

  • Get “patent pending” status in no time
  • Start building a strong IP position
  • Impress investors with your professional approach to IP protection
  • Benefit from a transparent and cashflow-optimized process
  • Have a leading specialist patent attorney at your side


Here’s How It Works

Filing a patent is not a one-time event but a process that takes several years. Clever startups use this to their advantage: They file patents early and then delay decisions. This way, the company stays flexible to changing business strategies and market needs while spreading out the costs of the patent process.

The Patent Scale-Up program is optimized to meet these goals with a proven process:

Project Kick-Off

Kick-off Meeting: We meet over virtual coffee to align expectations and agree on the project scope and timing.

Package Selection: You select the type of patent application that meets your goals:

  • Minimal Application (4,900.- €): Solid and concise patent application documents with up to 20 pages of description. The patent claims are focussed on the preferred embodiment. Ideal for patent applications of medium strategic importance. Book here>
  • Premium Application (7,900.- €): Detailed and comprehensive application documents with up to 40 pages of description. The patent claims cover a broad technical teaching, including extensive fall-back positions. Ideal for strategically important patent applications where quality and thoroughness are paramount. Book here>
  • Elite Application (14,900.- €): Top-level application documents with no page limit, refined to perfection. Specifically designed for the most demanding strategic patent applications where every nuance is critical. Book here>

From Zero To “Patent Pending”

Invention Description: You fill in a structured template to create the base content for the patent application.

Deep Dive: We work through the invention description in an online meeting and define the scope of the patent claims.

Application Draft: I create a full draft of the patent application documents. We discuss the draft in an online meeting and revise the documents as needed.

Priority Application: I file the patent application at the European Patent Office. This establishes the priority date for all later steps.
Optional: I pay the EPO filing and search fees (2,500,- €; optional).

✅ Patent Pending

The Priority Year

Check-Ins (after 3, 6 and 9 months): We check for developments in your technology, analyze the EPO search results (if applicable) and decide on next steps.
Optional: We file improved priority applications as needed (2,500.- € each; optional).

PCT Application (after 12 months): I file a priority-claiming PCT patent application at the European Patent Office and pay the PCT filing, transmittal and search fees (5,000.- €).

The International Phase

Check-In (after 15 months): We discuss the PCT search results and decide if the PCT application should be continued or withdrawn before publication.
Optional: I pay the PCT preliminary examination and handling fees and file a reply to the PCT written opinion (5,000.- €; optional).

Check-In (after 24 months): We discuss the target countries for patent protection and prepare for the upcoming national phases.

The National Phases

National patent processes (after 30 months): The costs vary from country to country, depending on the individual objections by the national patent offices. Typical costs range from 10,000.- to 25,000.- € per country over 2 to 5 years.

✅ Granted Patents


Why Work With Me?

Bastian Best
  • I’m a European and German patent attorney with a computer science master’s degree
  • I’ve been drafting digital startup patents for 15 years
  • I’m teaching Patenting Digital Innovations to entrepreneurial-minded master and PhD students at ETH Zurich
  • I was named one of “50 Leading Tech Voices” and an “AI Patent Expert” by the EPO as part of the 50th Anniversary of the European Patent Convention in 2023

What My Clients Are Saying


Still have questions?

Q: How long does it take until “patent pending”?

When we’ve kicked off the projec, it typically takes between 4 and 8 weeks to get the first patent application filed with the patent office. We will set a definitive schedule in the Kick-Off Meeting.

Q: Do I have to book the whole program right up front?

No, this is a modular program. You can decide at every checkpoint whether the patent application should be continued or abandoned. You could even switch to another patent attorney at every point in the process.

Q: I still have questions!

Email me at and ask.


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