Software patents in Europe (presentation slides)

It’s all about the technical contribution, but what exactly is “technical” at the European Patent Office? Is it “technical” when engineers solve hard industrial problems with AI?

These and other questions were the topic of my presentation for the patent working group of Bayern Innovativ on 11 May 2023. It was a great honor to share my two cents after another great presentation by Martin Müller, Chairman of Technical Board of Appeal 3.5.06 at the European Patent Office.

These were the topics of my talk:

  1. Exponential times, anyone? Statistics on AI patent filings in Europe
  2. A walkthrough of the legal framework, EPO Guidelines and case law
  3. A hands-on patentability test of different hypothetical patent claims based on EP 4 000 000 A1.
  4. A checklist for structuring software patent claims
  5. A checklist for asking AI inventors the right questions

You can download my presentation slides (in German) on the “Downloads” page.

Hope it helps!

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