If you need to pitch me to your decision makers, here’s a list of arguments why working with BESTPATENT might be a good choice:

Unrivalled specialization

  1. Bastian Best has worked on nothing else than digital patents for 14 years.
  2. Bastian Best is one of the few European and German patent attorneys with a university degree in computer science.
  3. Bastian Best is regularly named one of the most recognized experts for digital patents in Europe.
  4. Bastian Best is a sought-after speaker on all things digital patents at IP conferences around the world.
  5. Bastian Best holds seminars and trainings organized by the EPO for other patent attorneys.
  6. Bastian Best teaches digital patents at ETH Zurich and CEIPI IP Business Academy.

Deeply involved

  1. Bastian Best is completely involved in every work product. No office action responses drafted by the trainee and signed by the partner.
  2. Bastian Best knows that comments to clients should be written in a different language and address different topics than office action replies and court briefs.
  3. Bastian Best’s advice is always at the intersection of technology, patent law, and the client’s business objectives.

Easy to work with

  1. Bastian Best can be brought in for the difficult digital patent-related questions while the client keeps working their proven outside counsel (see the FAQs for details).
  2. Bastian Best works fully digitally. No scanned printed letters as email attachments 🙂

Check out my advisory services if you think we could be a good fit.