No patents for computer games? Look closely!

Did you know that Clash of Clans and Hay Day generated €2 million in revenue a day in 2013 for Finnish mobile game development company Supercell?

And would you have thought that Supercell has 180+ published patent documents?

I’ve looked through some of them in an Instagram Reel (in German). Some notable examples:

  • EP 2 836 278 B1 “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING TECHNICAL PROCESSES” concerns a way of triggering multiple actions with a single gesture in Hay Day
  • EP 3 635 526 B1 “APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR CONTROLLING USER INTERFACE OF COMPUTING APPARATUS” concerns certain control elements in Brawl Stars
  • EP 3 003 518 B1 “ELECTRONIC DEVICE FOR FACILITATING USER INTERACTIONS WITH GRAPHICAL USER INTERFACE” concerns an efficient way of deploying war-ships on a shore region in Clash of Clans

If you’re wondering how to draft the claims for a computer game invention, check out my free software patent claim template.

Would it be worthwhile if I analyzed some of these patents in more detail?

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