Step 5) Implementation Details

A patent has to describe at least one specific way how the invention can actually be carried out in practice. The level of detail must be so that an average practitioner in your domain would be able to build a working prototype of your product based on the information in the patent without having to invent something him/herself.

Thus, we need all implementation details that are helpful to understand how your invention can be built in practice. All of these details will be described as examples only in the patent, without limiting its scope of protection, so be as specific as possible.

Some examples:

  • Examples of the central data structures, communication protocols, and the like
  • AI: Examples of training methods, model implementations (model configurations, hyperparameters, layers, ML pipeline), and the like
  • User Interface: Screenshots or mockups

Include text, images, photos, and the like as needed.

Congratulations 🎉

You’ve created a great invention description as the basis for a high-quality patent. Now, send the Word file to your patent attorney over the agreed communication channel.