Step 4) End-To-End Walkthrough

Fill in the numbered list in section 4 of the Word document and describe a complete walkthrough of what happens when the user uses the product. If there are different scenarios, use cases, user types, or the like, clearly name them, explain them briefly, and make one list for each one.

Really focus on the user perspective. The list should start with something like “1. The user clicks …”.

In each step, clearly state (i) what goes in, (ii) what comes out, (iii) what happens, and (iv) which entity performs it. A good format might be: “((actor)) takes ((input)) and ((does something)) to produce ((output))”

If a step has variants, describe them. State which variant is the preferred one.

If a step is optional, say it.

If the list gets longer than about 15 steps, consider making one overview list with something like “phases” and then break down each phase into its own flow.