How to debunk a bad digital patent attorney

How can I tell whether my outside patent attorney is competent for digital patents?

The question came up during a conversation I had the other day with an in-house patent attorney in a large German corporation in the chemical industry.

Here are some indicators I’d look out for:

  1. Is the outside patent attorney able to speak to your developers on eye level?
  2. Do his/her EP patent application drafts include a computer program claim?
  3. Does he/she draft an independent claim for each networked entity?
  4. For AI inventions, does he/she claim both the training phase and the runtime phase separately?

I think these will give you a good impression of how proficient the outside counsel is with digital patenting.

If you need a template for good software patent claims, check my free template.

How do you assess the quality of your outside patent attorney?

Photo by Igor Peftiev on Unsplash

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