Frequently asked questions

It’s important to me that future clients are fully aware how my firm operates and how the invoicing is done. Find out in these FAQs.

What’s a “single-service” model?

I believe true mastery comes only with relentless focus on a narrow set of skills. That’s why I’m a deliberate one-trick pony and my firm BESTPATENT is not your typical full-service intellectual property boutique.

When I stepped out of Big Law and hung out my own shingle in mid 2021, I started with a strict focus on my technical field of expertise (digital patents) and type of IP right (patents only). But then my docket hit 100 patent applications with full representation before the EPO. I found myself spending countless hours with non-core-expertise commodity work – paying annuities, sending reminders, advising on employee invention law.

That’s when I decided to refocus my practice, and I started the transition into a new model which is based on three pillars:

  1. Digital matters only— Clients typically call on me when the case involves an algorithmic, software-based, AI-based or otherwise digital invention, or something that the EPO notoriously considers to be non-technical. I take no other cases.
  2. Patents only— I don’t do trademarks, designs, or contracts. I can recommend very competent people from my network for virtually any IP-related question.
  3. Substantive counseling only— I’m the person to consult with when difficult questions about the patentability or enforcement of “software patents” come up. I’m not the one to be asked about docketing, representation, administrative topics or other commodity tasks in patent prosecution cases. These tasks are better handled by separate firms with which I collaborate*.

* I do act as full party representative in nullity litigations and high-stakes oppositions and appeals, though.

No full service? Sounds complicated for the client…

Not at all. Many of my clients continue to work with their proven outside counsel for the docketing, reporting of formal communications and non-digital patent work. When a difficult digital innovation comes across, I draft the application, handle the office actions, and take the case through oral proceedings.

The client’s benefit is twofold: specialist competence and proven commodity processes.

If no existing outside counsel is available, I can recommend a friendly formalities firm from my network. I collaborate with a set of firms in a proven frictionless process.

Bastian, are you working on your own?

No, almost always with a team. I believe that great work products are the result of competing viewpoints by diverse contributors with unique core competences. Depending on my client’s needs I draw from my network of specialists and allied law firms to put together the perfect team for every project.

Bastian, how much do you charge?

I’m probably your most expensive option for the job. My fees are in the same ballpark as those of the top-tier European IP firms, maybe slightly higher. I used to offer fixed fees, but due to little demand I’m now billing by the hour again. I’m happy to agree on a budget for precisely defined work products.

If you’re a price buyer, I’m happy to recommend a commodity law firm from my network.

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