Digital patent infringement w/ Thomas Gniadek

Is it really so difficult to enforce digital patents? I sat down with my patent litigator friend Thomas Gniadek and learned a lot about digital patent infringement.

Thomas shared several first-hand tips for how to prove that a software patent is infringed.

Topics we talked about:

  • Software patent litigation in Germany: Does the strategy differ when software is involved?
  • How can you prove that the digital patent is infringed?
  • What happens when the infringing software runs outside of Germany (in the cloud)? And what if it’s hosted by a third party?
  • What impact does the claim category have in a software patent litigation? Do you need the computer program claim, or is a method claim just fine?
  • What about the upcoming unitary patent and the UPC? Will that add any helpful tools to your litigation toolbox specifically for software patents?

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What’s your burning question about digital patent infringement?

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