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The future is digital, but the European patent system was created with physical inventions in mind. Join European patent attorney Bastian Best as he explores the possibilities and limits of the European patent system for digital innovations, sharing his first-hand insights and practical tips along the way.

Patents for AI inventions in Europe

I was invited to speak about “Patents for AI inventions in Europe” at the 6th International Conference “Protection of Intellectual Property Rights” in St. Petersburg (Russia). Here’s a recording of my talk. You’ll learn about the status quo of how the EPO examines computer-implemented inventions (CIIs) that involve artificial intelligence, machine learning...

G1/19 first reactions w/ Rudolf Teschemacher and many more

Last week, the Enlarged Board of Appeal finally published its long-awaited decision G1/19 about the patentability of computer simulations. Does it revolutionize the patentability of computer simulations and patents for software in general, as some had hoped? Or is it rather a controlled evolution of the EPO’s framework for computer-implemented inventions?  To find out I talked to a number...

Novelty w/ Patrick Heckeler

An invention has to be novel to be patentable. But does any difference over the prior art do the job (e.g. a purely aesthetic one) or does it have to be technically relevant? 

This is a recorded Clubhouse event I hosted with my colleague Patrick Heckeler.

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Patenting database technology: EPO guidelines update

What types of inventions in database technology are patentable in Europe? The EPO guidelines will be updated on 1 March 2021 with a new section specifically on database management systems and information retrieval. In this episode I will walk you through the final draft of the new section to see how clear the guidance is.

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Patenting AI in the EPO guidelines

Welcome to the very first episode of the podcast! As we go through the section on AI and machine learning in the examination guidelines, I’ll tell you why the EPO’s current approach is too restrictive when it comes to patenting AI innovations. At the end of the episode, I’m sharing my best tips for how to draft AI patent applications so that they fulfill what’s in the guidelines...