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Digital patent infringement w/ Thomas Gniadek

Is it really so difficult to enforce digital patents? I sat down with my patent litigator friend Thomas Gniadek and learned a lot about digital patent infringement. Thomas shared several first-hand tips for how to prove that a software patent is infringed. Topics we talked about: Software patent litigation in Germany: Does the strategy differ when software is involved?How can you prove that the...

Software patent without a device as carrier?

This question comes up frequently at manufacturing companies when they tap into machine learning and digitalization. The good news is: In Europe you can patent just the software part without a physical carrier, as I explain in my latest #askbastian video on YouTube. If you’re wondering how to phrase your software patent claims exactly, download my free Word template. What’s your burning...

Software patent claim wording – how critical is it?

“How important is it for the technicality assessment to have exact formulations in software patent applications?” Great question by Wieland Reis on YouTube. Here’s my answer: What’s your burning question about digital patents? Tell me in the comments. And if you’re unsure about the exact claim wording to put into your next software patent application, download my free...

Decentralized Finance Patents in Europe? (DeFi)

Can one patent DeFi in Europe? Well, you can’t patent the idea of providing financial services on public blockchains with smart contracts, because the fact that this enables financial transactions without a central regulatory entity is not a technical effect, but a business-related one.

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Patents for Explainable AI (XAI) only?

If you wanted to patent the shape of a technical component generated by an AI system, what kind of justification would you need to give for that particular choice of geometry? Do you need to be able to explain why the AI system came to that particular output? Find out in this video.

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Are software patents evil?

In this video I explain why a professional approach to patents leaves no room for dogmatic opinions. Link to an example techrights article that cites me.

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